Understand the barriers to weight loss


4 Week Online Program

Divine Diva is an introductory coaching program for anyone wanting to understand the barriers to weight loss. It teaches you how you came to be overweight and what processes keep you overweight. Enrolment for this program is instantaneous through the link.

What's included?

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Welcome Divine Diva's!
Divine Diva Week 1
Week One - Divine Diva Introduction
Week One – Part 1 Presentation
Week One - Visceral Fat
Week One - Part 2 Presentation
Week One - Twin Studies BBC
Week One - Part 3 Presentation
Week One - Hormones
Week One - Ghrelin and PYY
Week One - Quick Thought
Divine Diva Week Two
Week Two - Introduction
The Personality Quiz
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Week Two - Part 1 Presentation
Week Two - Mindful Eating
Week Two - Part 2 Presentation
Week 2 - Slow Metabolism
Week Two - Part 3 Presentation
Week 2 - Brain Changes
Week Two - Quick Thought
Divine Diva Week 3
Week Three - Introduction Pt.1
Yale Food Addiction Scale
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Big Mind – Big Heart
Week Three - Introduction Pt.2
Week Three - Part 1 Presentation
Week Three - Trauma
My Ten Things (PDF MISSING)
Week Three - Part 2 Presentation
Week 3 - Protein
Week Three - Part 3 Presentation
Week 3 - Portion Plate
Week 3 - Don't skip meals
Bonus - Dairy
Divine Diva Week 4
Divine Diva - Week 4 - Introduction
Week Four - Part 1 Presentation
Week 4 - Incidental Exercise
Week Four - Part 2 Presentation
Week 4 - Exercise
Bonus - Calorie Choices
Bonus - Soup

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